Marrying for a Green Card

We Americans have it pretty good. Aside from our high crime rate, we enjoy a great deal of freedom and opportunity in our country. You can’t beat this! This is the place where both genders are treated well, and both are able to climb the corporate ladder and take charge. Then there are all those countries that hate our way of life. They bash the U.S. for its freedom and acceptance. And finally there are all those people, who want in. They race, sneak and swim across our borders every day. Should we heighten measures to prevent this, or should we welcome them with open arms? This is a tough question. Maybe it’s important to acquire more immigration information before deciding. Do you know what goes on?

Although I can’t say first-hand, I hear it’s difficult to get a green card and come to the states. This is why so many women attempt to marry American men. It’s a ticket to freedom. After speaking with several Mexican men, who all snuck into the United States with their families, I came out a bit more on top of the current immigration information. They claimed it was not a synch to get access to America, so they resorted to “border jumping.” They also said that Mexico is no place to earn a living. Although property and products run cheap over there, the average income is dismal, and leaves the common family in poverty. This is why so many foreigners want to come to America to work. Then they send the cash back home, or simply start a new life in the states. Now, a part of me doesn’t like this situation. I feel that this common occurrence aids in the destruction of our economy. These foreigners are not only taking jobs from Americans, but they’re also sending the money they earn to a different country. On the other hand, what would you do in their shoes? It’s a difficult issue to tackle. I attain more and more immigration information as time passes through the several foreign individuals I’ve come acquainted with. It is crucial to hear both sides.

When you’re wealthy it’s not an issue. If there’s one aspect of immigration information that I’ve become familiar with, it’s that money grants you access. Every country wants you if you’re rich. They want your cash spent in their society. Therefore you won’t have trouble getting across the border if you have the green. It’s bizarre how our world works.